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Natalie’s interest in architecture and building began at an early age. As with all things, building starts from the ground up. A self-made businesswoman, Natalie learned the construction, engineering, and design industry through on-the-job training.  She taught herself how to manage a project’s life cycle, with the utmost regard for safety and compliance, from project initiation through completion


By age 20, Natalie had worked on pharmaceutical, nuclear, and industrial construction projects, managing over $5 million in budget dollars. At that time, a construction company took notice and recruited her, cementing the first stone on a road that would lead Natalie to build two decades of global experience in the industry. Joining Parsons Corporation at 25, Natalie traveled across the United States to serve on prominent projects from San Antonio to Los Angeles, Dallas to Richmond, D.C. to Baltimore. With a growing record of success, she was then tasked with even greater projects internationally, taking her to Mexico City, Germany, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Kuwait.


Her extensive knowledge and experience were cultivated from performing every role in a program, from business development, project management to cost control and business operations. Natalie’s cumulative experience gave her the wherewithal to lead in the creation of PMOs, establishing their code of governance and operations, ensuring every aspect of compliance with intergovernmental laws. No easy task for a project manager native to the locality. And even more challenging for a person who is not. Natalie deftly acclimated to lead each new venture while forming strong working relationships that would drive its efficiency and profitability.


Now, after executing programs over $1.8 billion involving multiple teams and projects spread over several continents and thousands of hours in experience, Natalie is providing her global expertise to the industry with Nth Consulting Group. Already performing alongside industry leaders on mega programs, Nth Consulting Group was awarded its first contract within days of incorporation. As always, her contribution to any endeavor is the cornerstone of its success.

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